My Girl

You think superman is a hero? You don’t know my girl….

Look at her, how tired she is but still smiles to her mummy…. 

she is my real inspiration-my life line. 

She never disappoints me, never betray me or miss to love me back…

In all my 29years, she is the only thing in my life, about I can say “such a masterpiece of mine! “

She walked with me today many tiridng kilometers to hosp, city council and long bus drivings… she sweated, she stumbled, she slept and woke up. Always looking into my eyes, always ready to cheer her anxious mummy who fails to integrate herself in society.

Now this small angel is ready to accompany me to India… 

Every mum loves her child Nisam, but You my baby… you are my only friend. It doesn’t matter if you are three years old, you are smarter then many other persons I know and you understand me. We don’t need words to share our thoughts… you see from my face what I try to tell and you react immediately. Mummy cries right now cause she loves you, too UNCONDITIONALLY….

You are my amendment from God, for my broken life. 

Thank you for your unconditional love.

For accepting me. Accepting me LITERALLY.

I don’t want to die not because I fear death or love the life, but I fear to miss a single moment with you. My precious one. 

So I fight.

In love, your Anne 


Random clicks 5

Pictures clicked by me randomly…. enjoy


A man was screaming to a fugitive motor cycle driver;

Wrecking service is eating a small car

In my opinion the ugliest money of the world…
After storm in Istanbul
An angler in Maltepe, Istanbul
Turkish flag
Cargo ship passing by our ship
Beautiful green in midden of sea


My random thoughts:

1. I am not too fat, my clothes are just too tight.

2. public officers serves us, we don’t have to praise them like gods!

3. burocraceay in Turkey is like cleaning home while a toddler is present : too much work for nothing

4. My shyness caused me walking 5km to city council instead of traveling by bus.

5. I hate mosquitoes.

6. My expectations from inappropriate people will cause one day a heart attack.

7. MRI first time experienced yesterday; and I literally cried cause felt lonley and scared (I am 29πŸ˜’)

8. I have doubts if it was right decision to plan my trip to India without guide. So difficult everything and feel lonley… too much responsibility on my shoulders.

9. How the hell I am supposed to find indian embassy on Tuesday?!

10. I need a hug…. 


Forget it

How u can save a broken relationship? 

By noursing it.

There is no other way.

My hindi-teacher was invited by me to german dinner at my home. My teacher was very eager to taste food from Germany and I wanted fill his wish. It is very different then turkish delicacy. 

My mum and I cooked for hours in the kitchen and experimented together. 

We only cooked and enjoyed when we tasted with our fingertips the delicious food … we forgot the differences between us and were for that moment only a normal mummy&daughter duo in all the chaos between steam and pots… when I got tired she cheered me up and offered me coffee; when she felt exhausted I massaged her shoulders… in the end, Rashid-Ji (my teacher) was amazed and thanked mum and me in a very lovely way. 

And I?

I’ve got one of most precious memory with my mum… I’ve created my own happiness with her in our destroyed relationship.

thank you mum.  β€οΈ


Respect IV

Story 1:

Girl is asking question to a friend of her close friend. Platform is twitter. He is answering occasionally almost rarely. The questions are nothing special, random things about daily life like books, political issues about news etc. She feels ignored and this hurts her proud. When he feels like to answer he talks to her otherwise she is like air for her -invisible.

First she had huge respect for him, his life views, thoughts. She believed she can learn much from him. 

But his behavior made her finally feel disgust. Because no matter how much knowledge you have, if you don’t treat a human respectful then you are a broken glass. Knowledge is water, your character is the glass. And your behavior decides if your glass is solid or broken. 

This person can eat books in galore, but it won’t make him to a wise man. As his glass is broken.


Dear Reader, 

If you don’t want talk to someone say it clear to the person infront of you. It is completely ok. In return this person has to respect your decision that you don’t want talk to him/her.

But ignoring is something very poor. It creates hope but same time breaks the heart.

Don’t be selfish and speak clear text.



It was a beautiful day,

Because I decided so.

As the happiness of my life depended on the quality of my thoughts.

I can remember with closed eyes and a marvelous smile on my face – who I WAS.

And suddenly,

I felt the change.

My cells did.

My heart did.

My soul felt it.

I knew that the rules changed.

I’ve rose from dead, back to me and knew nothing will be the same anymore.

Hello Life πŸ€


(Pic credits:

Lionheart 🦁 

My guard is rearmed.

My heart is starched.

My demons are banned.

My fears doused.

Test my will life!

Dare me!

Show me your sword death , so I can smirk at you in triumph , 

Because nothing can conquer this lionheart!

Dedicated to my lifeline.

My little brother❀️

Are You Lonely ?

loneliness is not staying physically alone in one room.

Loneliness is when you don’t have anyone

who appreciates your thoughts, who enjoys listening to you.

Real loneliness begins in your mind…till it poisons your heart and finally kills your Soul.



My IPhone.

The broken screen of my phone, the silver color of its backside… 

nobody knows that I hug my phone to fall asleep, that I kiss it with my tears to calm my bursting heart.

They don’t know and never will… that I see your eyes when I am lost in darkness and watch the screen with empty eyes…


I hear your voice in the melody of the sweetest sound of music;And that I FEEL YOU every time when I touch my phone…

Silently I will carry this secret with me; why I do all this.


Thank youΒ 

I am sorry that I can’t read and comment everything as I used to do in past. Nowadays have very diffrent life routine, so it’s complicated for me to stay up to date.

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I respect all of you and I am happy to know you guys…