Hello, it’s me

Sometimes you want to call your friend. And just want to talk like a waterfall about the things in your head, about everything in your heart… what busies you since ages…

Because you know, this special person is everything you have.
You grap the phone,  you dial the number. 

But everything you manage is to swallow the big lump which would cause you to cry. 

Because You feel…you are




A person who is beared patiently. 

No, your friend didn’t cause those thoughts. It was your demons fault, which are domicile in your head. 
So you keep silent. Maybe forever.



15 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me

  1. Sometimes it’s not the demon inside, but they take you FOR GRANTED. It hurts in starting but then you get familiar with it.
    Always be there for the ones who love you coz they just want your presence, nothing else.
    Be happy stay blessed 😊✌..

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      1. I’m really sorry. Please never take my words so seriously. I quite often share my experiences and feelings when I read something related to them.
        Now please wipe those tears and smile just like in your DP….ummmm a lil broader..😊😊

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