My Girl

You think superman is a hero? You don’t know my girl….

Look at her, how tired she is but still smiles to her mummy…. 

she is my real inspiration-my life line. 

She never disappoints me, never betray me or miss to love me back…

In all my 29years, she is the only thing in my life, about I can say “such a masterpiece of mine! “

She walked with me today many tiridng kilometers to hosp, city council and long bus drivings… she sweated, she stumbled, she slept and woke up. Always looking into my eyes, always ready to cheer her anxious mummy who fails to integrate herself in society.

Now this small angel is ready to accompany me to India… 

Every mum loves her child Nisam, but You my baby… you are my only friend. It doesn’t matter if you are three years old, you are smarter then many other persons I know and you understand me. We don’t need words to share our thoughts… you see from my face what I try to tell and you react immediately. Mummy cries right now cause she loves you, too UNCONDITIONALLY….

You are my amendment from God, for my broken life. 

Thank you for your unconditional love.

For accepting me. Accepting me LITERALLY.

I don’t want to die not because I fear death or love the life, but I fear to miss a single moment with you. My precious one. 

So I fight.

In love, your Anne 



57 thoughts on “My Girl

  1. Absolutely beautiful and I can see the feeling written within it. You know why she is like that, because she is a smaller product of you. She doesn’t give up because she knows you won’t give up on her, she gets her strength from you as you get yours from her. You are the sun to her light and together you two shine. Stay bright! β˜€οΈ


  2. I loved the ending and it made me emotional too😊… they were just in the eyes, didn’t let them roll down 😊…
    And hey…you have so many friends on WP…yeah I know your Angel is THE BEST for you….but she’s not the only friend you got…

    Liked by 1 person

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