Forget it

How u can save a broken relationship? 

By noursing it.

There is no other way.

My hindi-teacher was invited by me to german dinner at my home. My teacher was very eager to taste food from Germany and I wanted fill his wish. It is very different then turkish delicacy. 

My mum and I cooked for hours in the kitchen and experimented together. 

We only cooked and enjoyed when we tasted with our fingertips the delicious food … we forgot the differences between us and were for that moment only a normal mummy&daughter duo in all the chaos between steam and pots… when I got tired she cheered me up and offered me coffee; when she felt exhausted I massaged her shoulders… in the end, Rashid-Ji (my teacher) was amazed and thanked mum and me in a very lovely way. 

And I?

I’ve got one of most precious memory with my mum… I’ve created my own happiness with her in our destroyed relationship.

thank you mum.  β€οΈ



38 thoughts on “Forget it

  1. relationships are for ever…. they can be sidelined for a while…. but not for long….. you enjoyed company of your mom….. and that food looks so yummy like a beautiful old relationship…..


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