Respect IV

Story 1:

Girl is asking question to a friend of her close friend. Platform is twitter. He is answering occasionally almost rarely. The questions are nothing special, random things about daily life like books, political issues about news etc. She feels ignored and this hurts her proud. When he feels like to answer he talks to her otherwise she is like air for her -invisible.

First she had huge respect for him, his life views, thoughts. She believed she can learn much from him. 

But his behavior made her finally feel disgust. Because no matter how much knowledge you have, if you don’t treat a human respectful then you are a broken glass. Knowledge is water, your character is the glass. And your behavior decides if your glass is solid or broken. 

This person can eat books in galore, but it won’t make him to a wise man. As his glass is broken.


Dear Reader, 

If you don’t want talk to someone say it clear to the person infront of you. It is completely ok. In return this person has to respect your decision that you don’t want talk to him/her.

But ignoring is something very poor. It creates hope but same time breaks the heart.

Don’t be selfish and speak clear text.



30 thoughts on “Respect IV

  1. Ok… this is my thoughts on your post… Yes its great that this girl likes and respects this person. but that does not mean that he has a same feeling for this girl.. its natural. We cant force others to talk to us. Its very natural that, one feels to keep in touch with other when that special interest has risen. Real relationship will build only when both sides respond.. my advise to that girl is.. just move on.. don’t believe what saintly people post on virtual world. Being popular socially does not mean the person to be holy..On the other hand we have to learn that how it effects other people if we do the same thing to learn and move on.. ✌️

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      1. Thank you..Hati( hope thats ok to call you like that) .. I know we “expect” things to work certain way.. but then we have to “accept” things as they are! ✌️

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  2. Point taken, however just because he has a twitter account doesn’t mean he checks it all the time. As an example, I am using social media less and less because it interferes with my writing.

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  3. This is humanity for you these days. Perhaps he ignored her because he likes her, sometimes people are rude to others just to peak their interest in that person, a very odd way to show someone you care but that is how the human mind works oddly. Or alas, respect is a thing that is lost among some people, it’s a treasure that has been buried. That’s why when you find someone with it, you treasure them.


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