Sent of memories— Drinking Problems 2

We went for a park near to his house. My mum, lil brother, my niece, nisam and me…

This park was green like in movies and it had something very peaceful…

I enjoyed my time like a small kid and swing and climbed everywhere.

He drunk two bottles of beer while we were enjoying our time. I ignored it. We had a Smalltalk about our mum. as she makes us both suffering since we were Kids. I think that she was the reason why he started drinking…and Things worse with her. nothing changed. I remained sick, paranoid, depressed.. and he is drinking.

Both of us were worried about our little brother. How he will manage our mum’s betrayal?

Yet, we don’t know.

I went for Swinging and he drunk his beer. I played like a kid with this small but steady pain in my chest, that he didn’t even try to hide it anymore.

(Here he is hiding his bottle.)

-to be continued-


If I was snow in mountains

I try to translate my favorite song tonight…I won’t translate word by word, but try to let them have still some sense in english.

It’s called “Su Daglarda Kar Olsaydim” (=If I was snow in mountains)

Written by: Yusuf Hayaloglu


If I was snow in the mountains,

If I was a naughty wind,

Would you search for me and find me?


If I was a unpropertied gravestone…

If I was a house on this veld,

Destroyed and devastated,

Would you still love me?

If I was a black smoke?

If I was the blood on this scar,

and would be flowed sensless and caused only loss.

I don’t have any place in this world,

I wish, I was a lie…


Thank you very much dear Mr. Lonley for Nomination.

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Here we go…

Q.1: Do you believe in a soul mate?

A: Yes


Q.2: Best friends or parents…choose one?

A: parents


Q.3: Any trait(s) of yours that you think you should not have?

A: I ve lost believing in human-being


Q.4: World war or word war, which is more destructive according to you and why?

A: Word war, as every world war starts with a letter written by leaders…


Q.5: Your cure for sadness?

A: My daughter


Q.6: Who/What do you love or hate the most?

A: I love chocolate. I hate rich People.


Q.7: Things you Keep with yourself all the time?

A: As I suffer acne, my cover cream, my phone, my charger, my note-book, a pen, tissues, changing clothes for Nisa


Q.8: Loveless life or lifeless love?

A: Loveless life


Q.9: Who is your favorite in the blogging world?

A: Summitofficial, Himanshi Shukla (, Akarsh Chauhan (, Colors of my life (, Ankit (


Q.10: Pizza or Cupcake?

A: Cupcake!


Q.11: Describe yourself in one word!

A: compassionate


My questions:
Do you believe in yourself and your goals?
Do you miss your old you or you are happy 

with whom you became?
What’s your favorite movie?
Which is your favorite country?
What you hate?
Who inspires you for writing?

    What is beauty? Do you think you are 


    Your happiest moment in one sentence.
    Your saddest moment in one sentence.
    Do you read my posts?
    Are you honest? Be honest πŸ˜‰


      My nominations:

      1. Himanshi Shukla
      2. Ankit
      3. Colors of my life
      4. theconfusedsoulsree
      5. RONNY_99
      6. Akarsh Chauhan

      Poem for Alcohol

      A lone you left me in darkness 

      L oneyliness became my daily routine

      C hores of happiness, I remember them only in my dream

      O ne can’t live without help, so why you don’t accept?

      H elp is not weakness, it is the courage to win his own ego.

      O therwise we wouldn’t be humans, right?

      L ove and Care is what makes us to humans, so be strong and fight! Put that bottle down and take our hands instead, let’s change destiny’s sight..



      With love to bhai❀️

      Sent Of Memories

      The wife.

      He came home, late. After several calls he said to his wife that he missed the Train, which would bring him home.

      His wife was disappointed but still hopeful as she was impatiently waiting for her beloved husband to reach home from work.

      Hours gone. His sister was playing with her niece… Wife and sister were waiting for him to join the dinner, cooked with love.

      The weather was lovely…no Clouds, sunny. Not at all too hot. The Kids, his wife and sister enjoyed time on Meadow… Why he still didn’t arrived yet?

      His battery was low, so he told them not to worry as his phone would be switched off.


      Sunset came, sky colored hisself into a dark, beautiful red.

      Sunsets are always so melancolic, aren’t they?

      Sunsets anounces, that everything what happend Ends. No matter if good or bad and something new will start. Nobody knows if the new is good or bad.


      Finally, four hours later the door rang. He arrived safely. His 1-year old daughter smiled in joy to her dad.

      His wife kissed him passionatly and was thankful he arrived at home. She didn’t notice anything weird. They sat down and all together had wonderful dinner.


      The sister.

      Something was diffrent. She knew it. Why he couldn’t see into her eyes? Normally he is very attentive… nobody knows him better then her.

      Something was wrong, She sensed it. Instead of clear words, he blurried.

      Something was weird. He never yelles at his niece. His sister Comes rarely for visit. He used to be very Kind and lovely to her and her daughter.

      Something built in her mind. “No, don’t be silly. He is ok,” she was reminding herself.

      She was Holding his daughter in her arms, gave her a last kiss and said “bye aunties Darling”. When he grabbed for her, he breathed. In that Moment she knew it. It was the bitter sent of Alcohol… which she knew so well…this red eyes, unclear words, his uncontrolled behaving…she was used to those Symbols. She had never Forgotten them,


      her nightmares reminded her every night. The fights, all the blood, screaming voices…


      Dad was running in underwear after him, it was -3 degrees Celsius, everywhere was White, beautiful snow. She remembered how thankful she was that it was at night 2 am and all neighbours were sleeping… so nobody could see her crying dad who runs after his drunken son.

      She took her bag. Said goodbye to her sister-in-law and brother. Kissed her niece.

      When she started the engine of her car, finally she freed her tears, which droped merciless from her cheeks down.

      He drunk. And all the demons came back…


      -to be continued-