Touches my soul…

Can’t stop reading it; so it had to be posted

When human came on earth, everything was simple and clean.
It was human who started discovering new themes.
He was neither from God nor Angel’s team.
He was well fortunate to comitt mistakes.
Rules, limits, fear took over his esteem.
The pity man got careful to save his gleam.
He was focussed to create a gene according to his theme.
He wasn’t sure his efforts would be fatal or serene.
He was neither from God nor angel’s team.
His undisclosed efforts were followed by teams and teams, Without knowing the discovery was fatal or serene.
The new teams added more and more flavours in that theme.
While followers being clueless whether the discovery was fatal or serene.
Flavours mixed with fears, rules, limits and remorse.
Followers counting their journey as dream but nobody knows whether discovery was fatal or serene.

#writer: my bestie 💚


We are friends

I’ve put all my hopes in your good morning

And all my dreams in a never coming good night…

Waiting for being remembered when starting is the day and night.

Being busy is the new world order,

Everyone is buried in his own ego;

We don’t take even time to grief…

Tell me do you believe

In friendship and love?

Which is So breakable alike dove…

When we don’t care

When we don’t share,

How will friendship survive; aren’t you aware,

That I miss you, that you miss me

That we both just are missing the “we”

Sleepless in the night,

Tired in the day

Just waiting for the honest “hey”

So many words are waiting to be shared…

Why get people so cold

And why they get so bold…

When they have person who really care?

Never I will stop to give,

More than I have

Less than I want

This is my destiny

To love more even When I can’t.


🥀 are you missing someone?

Do we have to be in mood to miss someone; ya do we constantly miss someone but don’t say it always? And when we decide to say to someone that we do miss; do we ourselves vulnerable only; or does it have a purpose? Can Something nasty like to miss a person be turned into something beautiful when we are missed back? Is a „miss you too“ only an innocent expectation or millions of unspoken words…?



How beautiful it is when you know to whom you belong to.

How beautiful it is not to fear.

And when you don’t have to fight alone with your inner demons.

When someone endures all your madness and moods and still is by your side.

How beautiful it is the feeling of being home in your soulmates arms.

How beautiful it must be not to be alone anymore…

Bonded in friendship but still apart alike stars.

So many things separates you and me.

Not in hearts maybe; but definitely in minds.

How beautiful is carelessness..

that this nasty worries are finally past and done…

How beautiful it must be to sleep with the knowledge that We are finally one.



The wind blew my hair,

Waves stroke edged cliff.

The sun was about to sink…

Beautiful red covered the nature!

Birds squeaked their last good bye.

It was peaceful everywhere;

So my mind demanded peace!

A soft kiss I sent to the sky,

To my beloved far away…

Oh wind! Let my kiss fly!

A single tear dropped my eye.

Wind, Tell him he is free now.

I loved him for the last day, today.

I loved him for the last time.


tears of my mother

We arranged a date for coffee,

My heart got captured in jiffy but happy.

Neither there was a guarantee,

If I could find you in that gigantic army…

Then I saw your face!

Almost – but only almost-

I couldn’t recognize,

So I looked twice.

Your face gave me solace.

We hugged tight.

After searching fight it gave a sheer delight.

Tears dropped from your eyes,

It was a moment of surprise!

I didn’t expect this emotional Prize…

I sank my view.

I couldn’t bear seeing you to thank you.

A single tear dropped down the ground.

And I knew, it would haunt me and cause a serious wound.

It was a tear of love,

A tear as clear as a dove,

A tear of yours in tub of love,

For me…

Thank you…

-Dhanyawad A.Ch.-


Free Love

Be free my love…

enjoy the life!

Test your limits and experience your hidden power!

You aren’t mine anymore.

Maybe you never were…

For me and for you always take care…

When I lost you

I lost myself

And couldn’t hold me on life again

So my destiny formed itself and decided to release me from this agony.

I fill your wish and leave you finally…



Wrap it around your waist … then pull it back, wrap again, no wait, watch again the video on YouTube. Ok now I got it… throw it over your shoulder and aaahhh.. why it looks different than in video? Watch again! Wrap, twin, twin and wrap again.. throw over shoulder, pin… now don’t spoil Nurgül, watch again video.. oookay: Final wraping and tadaaa

Me in saree on my birthday 😅😅😅

Hats up to all my lovely indian women who manage like child play to wear saree! And I love your self confident to show your naked skin, as I was too coward to wear a traditional blouse under my saree…Have really to learn much from such strong and beautiful women!

I felt like queen in this dress… I loved it but it was exhausting as I wasn’t familiar with it, as like will it fall down? Will it slip off and I will stay in my underwear in front of all people??

And suddenly after so many drinks the urgent need to pee!! Ay ay ay…

Well anyway it was different and amusing experience for me.

Thank you for my lovely friend A.Ch. For this beautiful gift…


Be „yourself“

Don’t follow your dreams.

Don’t say what you think.

Be grey- adapt yourself to everyone.

Don’t stay awake till late for unforgettable talks.

Wear only serious clothes. There is no need for colors.

Don’t get wet in the rain.

Why to read books? Watch only TV.

Plan always your next step, plan even your death. Never be spontaneous.

Don’t ever dare to believe in miracles.

Use your brain.

Do you believe in god?


Because it’s illogical, as like love.

Don’t listen to your heart.

Suppress all your feelings.

You only came to world to study and to work. Your only purpose is to pay bills and to show your nosy family your wealth.

Marry a person from good family. Keep notice about her/his heritage. Not every human is equal, for example is she/he divorced, what about age? Humans can be worthless if those points doesn’t meet your high expectations.

Forget Love. There is no space for love.

Required is only your logic.

Don’t forget: you aren’t living for yourself, you live for your society. A human-slave, an alien, a robot.

There is no place for feelings in this world. So don’t make even friendships, because friends requires feelings.

Never chase your dreams. Don’t work hard for anything.

Leave yourself, leave your soul, deny your heart. Cheat yourself! Tell yourself that this is how life has to be. Be strict and lose all humor. Don’t celebrate holi days, religion is for fools.

You are a mass product of your parents. Not an individual.

Live without love, therefore deny your beloved one. Be only coward, live only in your comfort zone; never leave that zone, otherwise you could dare to be different than society!

Stay silent to injustice.

Stay blind to terror.

Stay quiet in front of everyone who tells you how your life has to be!

You don’t know what you want, but trust me: society does. 😉